Responsible Gambling

As part of our commitment to ensuring a safe and secure online gaming environment, we offer a range of tools to enhance your gaming experience. 

Please take a moment to rate your gaming experience by answering the following questions. Choose from the options "never," "sometimes," "most of the time," or "always":

1. Have you ever exceeded your gambling budget?

2. Do you find yourself needing to bet higher amounts in order to feel the same level of excitement?

3. After losing money, have you returned to the game on another day in an attempt to recoup your losses?

4. Have you ever borrowed money or sold possessions to fund your gambling habits?

5. Do you feel like your gambling is out of control?

6. Has gambling caused any adverse health effects, such as stress or anxiety?

7. Have others expressed concern about your gambling or suggested that you may have a gambling problem?

8. Has gambling resulted in financial difficulties for you or your loved ones?

9. Do you experience feelings of guilt regarding your gambling behavior or its consequences?

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Based on your answers, here are the results:

If you responded "Never" or "Sometimes" to most of the questions, it suggests that you have good control over your gambling habits and are enjoying a healthy gaming experience.

However, if you answered "Sometimes" and "Most of the time" to most of the questions, it indicates a higher likelihood of developing a gambling problem. It is essential to be mindful of your habits and seek support if needed.

If you answered "Most of the time" or "Always" to most of the questions, it suggests that your gambling experience is not enjoyable, and it may be indicative of a gambling problem. It is crucial to seek help and assistance.

For a more comprehensive assessment, we recommend visiting the GamCare website, where you can find a detailed test and additional resources for support.

Useful organisations and groups

TalkBanStop is a service designed to help people with a gambling problem on their journey to recovery. It is a partnership between GamCare, Gamban and GAMSTOP. The helpline offers free confidential information, advice and support 24 hours a day. You can call 0808 8020 133 or start a chat now.

You can also access Gamban's free blocking software, and through GAMSTOP you will be told how to register for self-exclusion from all online gambling companies licensed in the UK.

BeGambleAware provides information, advice and directs people to help keep them safe from the harms of gambling.

The National Gambling Treatment Service is a network of organisations working together to provide confidential treatment and support to anyone experiencing gambling-related harm. Access to the service is free across England, Scotland and Wales.

GamCare runs the National Gambling Helpline and offers confidential information, advice and support to anyone affected by gambling harm in the UK.

Help is available free of charge 24 hours a day by calling 0808 8020 133, by chat, WhatsApp on 020 3031 8881 and Facebook Messenger. Counsellors will listen to you and your conversation will be confidential.

GamCare offers a moderated online forum and daily